All apps are written using PureBasic, and are 64-bit unless otherwise noted

-Barcode Generator-
Utility to create barcodes in a variety of formats

This utility was written by JHPJHP on the PB Forums, I just made some very slight modifications:

* Moved gadget positions, made the web gadget larger

* Changed the spin gadget to have a maximum of 20 for the x/y scale, any larger causes great slowdown when creating the barcodes

* Added ability to maximize the window

* Added ability to hit enter to generate barcodes

* Added the 'Available Options' box that pulls data from the SQL database for each codes options

* Added ability to click on the 'Available Options' to select barcode options

* Embedded the barcode.db and barcode.pbi, icons into the exe

* Added ability to print the barcode from the application - Code by Kiffi in the PB Forums

Putting this here for posterity