All apps are written using PureBasic, and are 64-bit unless otherwise noted

-OEClassic Backup-
GUI to Backup and restore OE Classic user data
32-Bit Application

Current Version: 1.0

July 7 2021 - Added PC Name to the backup name - e.g. OEClassicBackup_PCNAME_CurrentDate.7z

July 7 2021 - Added dialog when attempting a backup operation while OEClassic is open, prompting to close the application

August 11 2021 - Added Username to the backup filename in case more than one OEClassic user on a computer

Uses 7-Zip v19.00

Click on any picture to download the zipped file

System Tray Menu:

Command-line usage:

oeclassicbackup /b - Perform backup to set backup path. If no backup path set, the app will open to allow you to set the path.
NOTE - The scheduled task closes out OE Classic before running the backup.
The scheduled task is currently set to run every Friday night at 11:59pm, will be adding the ability to change this